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Sara, Sweden

“I have tested a new shampoo and conditioner for my hair @hair2official. They smell very good and make the hair very soft and shiny. Recommend for you shampoo nerds who also love the type of products like this ❤️ #hairtwo”

Lisanne, Netherlands

“A year ago I cut my hair off & donated it to @haarwishes but I'm kind of glad it's growing back so fast. I got to try out the @hair2official regrow products which are specially made to give your hair growth a natural boost and they work so nicely for my hair! It feels much healthier 💙”

Eva, Germany

“love the products by @hair2official I tried them for a few weeks now and my hair is so soft and has such a nice glow. Also their products are nature-friendly, all the ingredients are natural and don’t contain any parabens or SLS.”

Sharella, Netherlands

“In the past year my hair has had to endure a lot so it could use a boost! ✨ I received from @hair2official a shampoo & conditioner that will make your hair grow better and stronger💕”

Carmen, Italy

“Are you struggling with hair loss too? I received these products (shampoo and conditioner) from @hair2official. Its natural ingredients argan oil-vitamin B -zinc-rosmarin-caffeine-sodium-collagen-cinatin-coconut oil-vitamins E-berry extract and magnesium help prevent hair loss, support growth and give more volume After using these products,in just three weeks, I started to notice the difference already 😍 and I can say that I lost a lot less hair in this period. 🙌🏻 If you have the same problem as me I recommend adding this shampoo to your routine ☺️ The bottles are made of aluminum- sustainable and 100% recyclable 🌱”

Anastasia, Germany

“It is not so easy to find the perfect hair care. Since countless hairs fall out with me every day and I'm already competing with @labbi_zhara, I'm currently testing the products of @hair2official. . These contain natural substances such as argan oil, rosemary, biotin, zinc, vitamin E, caffeine, sodium, collagen, coconut oil, berry extract of holly, cynatine, magnesium and care for the hair and scalp. The coordinated combination of active ingredients can activate hair growth. My hair looks well groomed.”

Shanne, Denmark

“The power of a hair flip 😸👸🏽💃 @hair2official”

Magdalena, Poland

“I remember after giving birth you guys asking me if my hair was falling out (a common occurrence). I happily said no. Oh how surprised I was when after dying my hair dark, I suddenly saw it everywhere 🙈. When they were blonde, they were just unobtrusive and I naively thought fate had spared me 😁 Even so, I now have almost the longest hair of my life. Why? I try not to straighten it, not to curl it, not to overload it. And even though it makes me feel ugly sometimes, I know it will pay off and eventually I'll have the length of my dreams. I'm also trying to avoid "oilers" because my hair tends to get greasy anyway (because I'm constantly playing with it and touching it up!). I got the shampoo and conditioner from @hair2official about a month ago. Products that are supposed to prevent hair loss and have friendly ingredients, packaging and a whole lot of company policy :) I can't say with 100% certainty that my hair is falling out less, but I think it is. But for sure my hair feels nice and loose after using these products and it doesn't feel like it's just coating my hair just to smooth it out. ”

Laura, Belgium

“Shower essentials today were @hair2official plant based products for healthier and thicker hair ✨”

Emilia, Poland

“I've been testing hair products from @hair2official for some time now. I would like to write you a few words about them because I am very positively surprised! Maybe I'll start with the fact that this set smells insanely! After washing I feel like after leaving the best hair salon! This scent lasts a long time. ❤️ Cosmetics are based on natural formulas. Shampoo stimulates hair growth. It nourishes the hair follicles, cleanses the scalp without irritating it. It cleanses well without removing sebum, which is necessary to protect the hair from dandruff and the scalp from skin problems. Containing 8 bioactive ingredients, it not only stops hair loss but also accelerates the hair growth cycle. They are also essential for reducing the production of DHT, a hormone that shrinks hair follicles. The conditioner, on the other hand, contains essential oils and argan and coconut oils which make it easier to comb and prevent frizzy hair and help maintain a healthy level of hydration. Argan oil strengthens and repairs hair, while keratin protects it from damage. Saw Palmetto reduces hair loss, and biotin stimulates regrowth. Have you already had the opportunity to use Hair2 cosmetics? If so, be sure to share your opinions with me and if not I recommend it!❤️”

Klaudia, France

“Many thanks to @hair2official for this batch of Shampoo and Conditioner! Me and my mom tested these products, we are totally satisfied! It makes hair soft, silky shiny. The products smell great.☺️.”

Lauren, United Kingdom

“Since we’re in lockdown I’m trying to look after my hair more and get it back to a healthier state. I’ve been using the @hair2official shampoo and conditioner for a few weeks and have been really enjoying them. My hair feels more nourished and thicker! Lockdown hair glow up in full swing ✨”

Sarah, United Kingdom

“Raise your hand if you agree the worst part about travelling is the sun damage to your hair 🙋🏼‍♀️ When I say my hair was in an awful state when I got back from two years of lying in the sun everyday 🤦🏼‍♀️ I remember phoning home the few days before I arrived back and asking my Mum to pick up some restorative shampoo and conditioner to try and fix the mop I had accidentally created (I could feel dreadlocks forming). It’s honestly taken months to get back to the condition it was before I went away, but @hair2official restorative and replenishing products has really helped with that! When I am packing for my next trip, they are definitely coming away with me 👏🏻”

Inga, Switzerland

“I tried these products by myself I really can say my hair and scalp condition improved and im not experiencing itchy feeling on my scalp or dandruffs 💆‍♀️I am super thankful for this product”

Noemi, Italy

“Lately for my hair I've been testing @hair2official's products #h2family #hair #hair2 #hairtwo No complaints 🥰”

Bourtsin, Germany

“Hair loss is not funny. @hair2official has developed a kit based on 8 bioactive and 4 other natural ingredients 💚”

Evelina K. (1 month)

I had the opportunity to try the shampoo and conditioner and they did not disappoint. I've only been testing them for about a month, so I can't yet say that my hair is less frizzy or that it's growing differently, but I think it needs at least a few months of use to see a more pronounced change. However, as soon as I wash my hair, I can immediately feel the lightness, softness and plumpness of my hair (even though it is still wet). After using the shampoo and conditioner for about a month, I noticed that my hair became fluffier and shinier. I really appreciate that the products are natural, without any dangerous ingredients like SLS/SLES, parabens, sulphates, silicones. I recommend to try it!

Laima R. (1 month)

I'm glad I had the opportunity to try the shampoo and serum. The main problems that have been bothering me lately are extreme hair loss and my hair is constantly frizzy and frizzy. After a month of using the new products, my observations are as follows:1.Cost-effectiveness.Even though the containers are not large, and I have long hair and wash my head every day, they lasted me exactly one month.2.Hair loss. After the first week of using the products, hair loss was already significantly reduced, and after two weeks of use, there was no hair loss at all - nowadays, only a few hairs are left in the comb when combing my hair, which is normal.3.Smoothness of hair. Hair is no longer frizzy, no longer frizzy. Hair no longer tangles in uncombable "chisels".4. Shine and elasticity. Hair looks much healthier and has more shine. And most importantly, how delightfully it flutters in the wind!!!!Thank you for the opportunity to try these products, and I am off to enjoy spring with a smile on my face and my hair fluttering in the breeze.

Patricija T. (3 months)

It takes patience and time, but the results are real! Due to extreme stress, my hair started to fall out and thin out quite a lot. After using HAIRTWO for a little over 3 months, I noticed that my hair grew back and filled out quite a lot. I am very grateful to this product and my hair has recovered!

Aurimas S. (5 months)

I'll be honest about the price - I don't think it's expensive. A quality shampoo costs more than a shampoo from a supermarket. For example, the shampoo you buy from a hairdresser is much more expensive but far from better than this.Cheap shampoos from the shops are a tragedy, you have to be prepared to pay more for a good product .I use quality shampoos that do not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens and sulphates, harmful chemicals etc and I pay accordingly.I think that these products are really adequately priced for the quality of it. After the first wash, I immediately felt the difference! No more dandruff, no more scalp scratching, no more greying hair so quickly. The pictures speak for themselves.Excellent! I will order more!!!